Somewhere Over the Rainbow / What a Wonderful World (1988) (Israel Kamakawiwoʻole) [buy]

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While Columbia Records was working on the album, I got proofs of the cover back from their art department, with Joel’s double-rainbow image on it. And there at the end of the rainbow was… a bar code! I couldn’t believe it. I’d made the entire album on the strength of that photograph. I picked up the phone and called Walter Yetnikoff, the president of Columbia at the time.

'Good record you made, kid,' he said.

'Thanks, but I have a problem, Walter.'

He grew impatient. ‘Oh, yeah? How can I help? What, what, what?’

'You know what's supposed to be at the end of a rainbow?' I asked. 'A pot of gold—not a bar code. Physically, I can’t look at this cover. Tell you what, for my next record, the whole fucking front cover can be a bar code, but I’d appreciate it if, this time, you’ll give me a break.’

There was a moment of silence on the other end of the line while he thought about my request. Then he said, ‘Don’t give me that artsy-crafty shit.’

That soulless little fucker. It was the worst possible response he could have made.

'Artsy-crafty shit? Talk to you later, Walter.' I put the phone down, picked it up again, and called my lawyer, Greg Fischbach. 'Get me off Columbia,' I instructed him. 'I don't care where I land. I know this sounds crazy, but I'm not going to record for any label that puts a bar code at the end of my rainbow.'

~Graham Nash [buy]

Kari (2009) (Jay Parkinson)

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Yes We Cam (2014) (Alberto Mazza)

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Yes We Cam (2014) (Alberto Mazza)

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Noah’s Dove (1939) (Bill Gaither) [buy]

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Myths do not die suddenly. They pass through a long period of respectable retirement, decorating the background of the imagination,

~Kenneth Clark [buy]

A Rite [trailer] (2013) (Bill T. Jones / Arnie Zane Dance Company & SITI)

Belgrade (1938) (Charles Simic) [source]

Belgrade (1938) (Charles Simic) [source]

Beginning of a Great Adventure / Strawman (1989) (Lou Reed) [buy]

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To appeal to government and business leaders, Sexton has tried to repackage a liberal-arts education as something that has measurable value. At a panel that he moderated for a conference called Creative New York, in 2006, he opened the event by boasting about the concentration of college and graduate students in the city. ‘We have tremendous assets in place,’ he said. Then he turned to the dancer and choreographer Bill T. Jones, who had been asked to share his thoughts on the city’s ‘ICE sector.’

'Start spreading the news!' Jones sang. 'I'm leaving today!'

'No, you’re not leaving,' Sexton said.

'I'm asked to sit on this panel and talk about being part of the new economic engine of New York City: are we serious? Are we serious?' Jones said. 'Does the culture, talking all this highfalutin talk today about creativity, truly value something that does not have a product?'

~Rachel Aviv [source]